Short Film

The Feeling Looking in your Eyes Knowing you don't Love Me

Inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso; a lonely artist, living in a shed in the woods, dreams of the woman of his dreams, but venturing further into the dark forest, he discovers the path is a dangerous one.
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Cast & Crew

Directed By: Rhiann Jones

Produced By: Rhiann Jones & Rhiannon Wirth

Director of Photography: Keeaun Jones

Edited & VFX By: Ben Watson

Music & Sound Design: Sam Cousins


Hans - Eric Colvin

The Muse - Shirley Cook Brooks

The Lover - Chris Roaf

The Sirens - Ema Carvalho & Penelope Bosworth

Hair & Make-Up: Hannah Knight

1st Assistant Camera: Shema Griffin, Sam Hotson & Pranjal Malviya

Gaffers: Justice Akushie Junior, Tom Payne & Leon Springer

Steadicam Operator: Stephen Ofori

Script Supervisors: Dale Allsop & Becky Downes

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