To go with the launch of our new production company, we made a speculative advert to show off the very best of our skills and talents. An advert, to sell the idea that, we can make adverts. We had the idea to recreate old vintage Microwave adverts and recontextualise them with a filmmaking twist, this is the result.
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Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ben Watson

Director of Photography: Grayson Moody

Sound & Music: Sam Cousins

First Assistant Director: Jem Horstead

Host: Holly Dixon

Narrator: Eric Colvin

Production Designer: Safi Liesnham

Hair & Make-Up: Cosima Sophia

Costume Designer: Emily Pond

First Assistant Camera: Niamh Crowley

Second Assistant Camera: Kaleb Harvey

With a Special Thanks to: Annie Parker, Derek Watson & Tom Ball, London South Bank University and PlantSocietree

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